(Listen to Leggggs) someone smash something with your frost hammer / The Playlist

Even in the quest to be less lonely, sometimes you just need to be angry. My daughter has this book where this monkey is super grumpy the whole time, and he doesn’t know why. Turns out, monkey just needed to be grumpy… no reason other than it was a good day to be grumpy.

Enter: someone smash something with your frost hammer. Some days are on, some are off. No reason for it. But on those off days, like when Spilner loses his cool (which is 100% his meal ticket) there’s this playlist, one hour and thirty eight minutes of eardrum assaults and frontal lobe intrusions made specifically for bad-mood-10-milers, but can be played for any affair. Assembled with care and mild frustration by Leggggs community member, Jeremy Smith.

Get smashing.

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